Friday, July 07, 2006

what I need...

I needed to awaken my writer's spirit so I went browsing through one of my favorite bookstores. I wanted to see what kind of stories make it to the shelves. So far, I've seen "Confessions of--", Memoirs, Chick Lit, Self-help books, Inspirational books and Humor. There are a lot of historical mystery and romance stories out there too. But as to their marketability, I think the demand is slow. Maybe a fictional story that's controversial enough about our own history might be an interesting plot to explore.

I like going to bookstores. I enjoy seeing the books on sale. I feel inspired to write my own book as well. Problem is when I get home and sit down in front of the computer, my mind goes blank. Everything I was thinking of writing down while inside the bookstore suddenly escapes me everytime I try to solidify it through paper and pen. How will I be able to write my novel and stories this way?

I could use a voice recorder. I've heard other authors use this device to conveniently store ideas or finish chapters at a time. Unfortunately, I feel weird talking to a machine in the middle of a crowd. But it's worth a shot. I will tell you what happens when I actually do this writer trick.

Right now, I feel sorry for my ideas. They are like seeds waiting to be planted. I feel them burning in my hands. They are just itching to be enveloped with rich soil, to grow up and become full-blown flowers. And here I am, closing my fist and putting them back in my pocket. I am ashamed because I don't think I can nurture them to bloom properly.

Someone said, "When you do something, do it right." And that's what I follow through with my writing habits. If I know I can't do the idea justice, I keep it in my notebook until I feel that I am ready to write the story. But then I read somewhere that, "If you don't try, how will you know that you won't succeed?" So I am torn between these two perspectives.

Eventually, I will have to write the stories down. I understand that they choose me to tell their tales and share it with others. I must not disappoint them and my future fans.


jae said...

yes. don't disappoint (us) your future fans. :)

Sean said...

The notion of doing something "right" is relative, I think. Something that's completely "right" to one person may be "wrong" to another. The way I figure it, you can't exactly know if it's "right" or not unless you actually finish writing the story. And it's not as though every established author out there always gets it completely "right" with the first draft.