Wednesday, August 18, 2010

book matching

i am a known bookworm. okay maybe a little bit of a book hoarder too. have you seen my room? my booksehelf is bursting with paperbacks, my top bunker has thick books lined on top of it and every corner of my little "house" has some book scattered with a marker half way within its yellowing pages. and yet i continue to buy them from book sales to promotional "month long" extravaganzas. it gives me pleasure to know that i will be reading another wonderful story and discover something beautiful.

but i've gotten tired of reading some of my books and i have long planned to hold a sale of my own. time, however, is not a friend of mine and i keep putting it off another day. when i finally gave 2 of my books away last week, i felt happy knowing that another will take part in the discovery of stories. "The World's Greatest Mysteries and The World's Greatest Serial Killers by HAMLYN" had a new home through my officemate, Jaz.

i also want to lend copies of my books to friends. i find it endearing when friends ask my opinion about what kind of book i would recommend for them to read. i just lent my book"Lies my yaya should have told me by RJ Ledesma" and she has been laughing her ass off. i am happy knowing that i've made another person happy that way.

and any of you need my help with book matching? i think i'm getting good at it.