Sunday, May 22, 2011

my collections

yes. i am a book worm. and here are some of my prized collections (images from left to right):
  • The Hot Blood Series ed. by Jeffs Gelb and Michael Garrett - erotica and horror, what other combination can beat that?
  • Laurie King's Holmes and wife Series - what attracted me to the novel is the possibility that Sherlock Holmes was indeed real and he found a match in Mary. The manuscript is a mystery itself and being a Holmes fan, I was naturally drawn to the plot. To all feminists, please indulge in this collection.
  • Dan Brown's books on Robert Langdon - I find symbolism fascinating and although his facts are sometimes fiction, I think he was able to capture the "instant gratification" need of a good mystery for today's busy crowd.
  • James Rollins' Sigma Force Series - From the first book I read, Map of Bones, I knew I was going to get hooked. Rollins writes an amazing combination of science and history which is both plausible and unbelievable at the same time. Think Indiana Jones and his posse.
  • Travel Books - Ok so it's not really a series but more of indulging in my dream of the Ultimate European Trip- Romes, Venice and Italy.
  • Alfred Hitchcock's collection of Short Stories - He deals with horror, mystery and murder. I eat horror, mystery and murder for breakfast, lunch and dinner. A perfect match.
  • Ray Bradbury's stories - By now, you sense a pattern in my tastes for stories. Blood, Gore, Scary Stuff, Mystery and What if's. And he writes all the best kinds too.
  • Stephen King's short stories and novels (not all though) - The master storyteller himself. I thought I didn't like him as much but when I reviewed my bookshelf, his name appeared more than anyone else. He is unapologetic and writes about our deepest, most disturbing fears. I've never been able to read Thinner again because it scared me too much. He doesn't just make you scream, he makes you squirm in your seat long after you've closed the book. He gets inside you and to me, that's the worst kind of horror there is.

Monday, May 02, 2011

new additions

New books, new stories to tell.
Buy them now!