Monday, November 27, 2006

it's been a while

Hi all! Sorry been out of circulation lately. Was busy with my other blogs and writing in my journal. Anyway, how's my writing? Suffice to say that I haven't finished my story for the Nanowrimo entry. Ahh!!! What am I going to do now?

But I do love typing on my laptop. Hopefully, I love it so much to start free"writing" and actually finish a story.

I wonder what really is hindering me from writing a story. Sometimes I think it's because my imagination is slowly being eaten up by television or movies. There's something to be said of "a story repeated again." But I guess it all depends on the treatment and the way it is presented to its audience.

Take for example themes in movies. Although they are all about the same things - love, revenge, conflict, horror, etc. - we never run out of directors making films, writers penning screenplays or producers exploring other mediums in ways to make the old theme seem new. I suppose all I need to do is find the drive to learn more on how to write a good, satisfying story.

Can't wait for my inspiration to come! :)