Friday, December 17, 2010

dreaming again

this is the quaint bookstore i found, without meaning to, in the island of boracay aptly called, "boracay books." i see my personal library to be somewhat like this except there will be a corner for my laptop/pc, a writing desk and a day bed. i also require a window seat so i won't feel closed in.

i realized something while weeding out my shelves for books to giveaway/sell. i am a big sci-fi, fantasy, horror and historical mystery fan. i have books upon books of anthologies, essays and collected works of these genres.

sad part is i feel there are only a few out there who share my passion. i'm starting to wonder if i'll ever be able to sell my books after all.

still, my wishlist includes:
  • the harry potter collection book 1-7
  • the neil gaiman comic book volumes
  • the series, "His Dark Materials" by philip pullman
  • collected shoort stories by roald dahl
  • and an EBOOK reader!!!

Saturday, October 30, 2010

what a treasure!

One thousand and One Nights is a collection of Middle Eastern and South Asian stories and folk tales compiled in Arabic during the Islamic Golden Age. it is often known in English as "Arabian Nights" from the first English Language edition (1706), which rendered the title as The Arabian Night's Entertainment.

Yes. I found a copy of the first English Language edition! Such a treasure. The cover is badly scratched and the binding is a bit loose but there's no missing pages and the art is as rendered as on the picture on the side.

I am quickly building my library of collected works. My two other fairy tale collections include:
  • The Complete Hans Christian Andersen Fairy Tales
  • Brothers Grimm "The Complete Fairy Tales

I wonder if my child will ever appreciate these books when I am gone. Or at least my nephew who has shown some inkling to becoming a future bookworm.

Friday, October 15, 2010

of desert sands and lost scrolls

  • The Masada Scroll by Paul Block and Robert Vaughan

  • The Lost Symbol by Dan Brown

  • The Sword of the Templars by Paul Christopher

three books based on historical mysteries in one month! i really think that if my fortune was different, i would have been an academic. maybe an archaelogist like the heroes in these fictional works. i've always loved indiana jones when i was a kid and until now i have a deep fascination for history.

so far Lewis Perdue, James Rollins and Dan Brown are still my favorite authors of this genre. their writing styles are different- Dan Brown is more of a suspense/thriller writer although he does weave history quite well in the storyline. the event happens in 1-2 days so it's perfect for today's generation of instant gratification. James Rollins melds science and history perfectly like a grilled cheese sandwich. he goes back and forth between the characters' arc that you'll never be bored expect when the author gets too technical. Lewis Perdue marries history and the human condition in his novels that you can't help but empathize with his heroes. for me, he's the one who gives more emphasis on the historical aspect of the story giving it plausibility.

my next books are Reliquary and The Ice limit by Douglas Preston and Lincoln Child. i've heard great things about these authors from my officemate. i am looking forward to discovering wonderful things from the past and how to save the world from peril.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

my latest pick

Do androids dream of electric sheep?
Second Variety
Paycheck and other stories
Minority Report and other stories

Will start reading these books in my collection for the next few months. I enjoyed his stories "Minority Report" and "Second Variety" that I had to buy his books. I'll be getting into the mind of a genius very soon.

I can't wait!

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

book matching

i am a known bookworm. okay maybe a little bit of a book hoarder too. have you seen my room? my booksehelf is bursting with paperbacks, my top bunker has thick books lined on top of it and every corner of my little "house" has some book scattered with a marker half way within its yellowing pages. and yet i continue to buy them from book sales to promotional "month long" extravaganzas. it gives me pleasure to know that i will be reading another wonderful story and discover something beautiful.

but i've gotten tired of reading some of my books and i have long planned to hold a sale of my own. time, however, is not a friend of mine and i keep putting it off another day. when i finally gave 2 of my books away last week, i felt happy knowing that another will take part in the discovery of stories. "The World's Greatest Mysteries and The World's Greatest Serial Killers by HAMLYN" had a new home through my officemate, Jaz.

i also want to lend copies of my books to friends. i find it endearing when friends ask my opinion about what kind of book i would recommend for them to read. i just lent my book"Lies my yaya should have told me by RJ Ledesma" and she has been laughing her ass off. i am happy knowing that i've made another person happy that way.

and any of you need my help with book matching? i think i'm getting good at it.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

feeling guilty

Neil Gaiman was here last 3/17 and i missed it. i just want to kick myself for not paying attention. it still haunts me to know that i could have stood in front of "the master" once more. i hate myself.

as penance, i will go on a Gaiman binge this month of May. i will read and re-read books of his that i have collected. i will be writing new stories and essays based on his imaginings.

-=my Gaiman booklist=-
Season's of Mist

Smoke and Mirrors


American Gods

The Sandman Papers ed. by Joe Sanders

i also plan to attend a creativity workshop based on his characters called , "the Endless.."

let the flagellation begin!

Thursday, March 11, 2010

james rollins rule!

i have a new idol. JAMES ROLLINS

he's an amazing writer able to blend action thriller, science and historical mystery with plausibility in our modern age. i especially like his Sigma stories. Gray Pierce, Painter Crowe and Monk Kokkalis are alive to me as my next door neighbors.

it started with Map of Bones. then The Black Order, The Judas Strain and most recently, The Last Oracle. i cried when they found Monk alive again in Russia. their friendship struck a cord in me.

so far my favorite is still Map of Bones but then again we always have a special place in our hearts for "firsts."

i look forward to joining them in their next adventure.

Friday, January 22, 2010

book list 2009

Worm Status: Had my fill (2009)

1. The Reel Stuff ed. by Brian Thomsen and Martin Greenberg
2. Map of Bones by James Rollins
3. Gallery of Horror ed. by Charles Grant
4. Stephen King goes to the movies
5. PB 21 by PM. Junior
6. Black Order by James Rollins
7. Work: Making a living and making a life by Joshua Halberstam, Ph.D.
8. The Judas Strain by James Rollins
9. Wicked: Sexy Tales of Legandary Lovers ed. Mitzi Szereto
I know it's a pathetic list. I've read more books last 2008 and it sucks. So much drama has happened in my life last year that I took to comforting myself with food. Yes, I ballooned! My transfer to a new process in HSBC, helping in the wedding preparations for my cousin, broke up with my 8+ year relationship and finding a new job and moving to a new location has got me winded.

But I'm back to my old self. Depression has it's own reward. I'm in my fighting weight and focusing on improving my skills at work. I plan to finish most of my books first before buying new sets. It's hard work but it's bearable to say no to temptation since my goal is to pay off my debts first. Wish me luck!

I'm writing more in my journal which is really great. Just need to find a sturdier bag since I carry so much already.
My birthday is coming but I'm bummed about it because I'm broke. Hopefully I have enough to even just buy myself a cake. Que sera sera!