Friday, December 17, 2010

dreaming again

this is the quaint bookstore i found, without meaning to, in the island of boracay aptly called, "boracay books." i see my personal library to be somewhat like this except there will be a corner for my laptop/pc, a writing desk and a day bed. i also require a window seat so i won't feel closed in.

i realized something while weeding out my shelves for books to giveaway/sell. i am a big sci-fi, fantasy, horror and historical mystery fan. i have books upon books of anthologies, essays and collected works of these genres.

sad part is i feel there are only a few out there who share my passion. i'm starting to wonder if i'll ever be able to sell my books after all.

still, my wishlist includes:
  • the harry potter collection book 1-7
  • the neil gaiman comic book volumes
  • the series, "His Dark Materials" by philip pullman
  • collected shoort stories by roald dahl
  • and an EBOOK reader!!!

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