Friday, October 26, 2012

coming soon

I've been busy with some relationship issues these past weeks and have neglected my pen. However, I look forward to the last two months of 2012 since it is the Nanowrimo month.

On my list are:

  • Food writing - resource from Tessa's book and my view on local cuisine.
  • Janus - Sci-fi novel for Nanowrimo
  • Project 21 - 20 stories to go
  • Horror story
  • Chick lit story 
I also plan to attend two workshops before the year ends.  One by Writer's Block and another abour food culture and identity.
As of this time, I have purchased 70 books. I am so behind my reading list that it pains me not to have time to read all of them.  But I am a happy bookworm with my babies around me.

I'm planning my writer's retreat for next year too.  Instead of a big out of town adventure, I'll be holing up in some hotel (not yet decided where I'll be going) with my laptop, notes and reference materials and will be writing for three days and two nights.  I wonder what magic I can produce during that time.  I am very excited!

Cheers to a a new month ahead!