Friday, July 27, 2012

reading again

i feel so at home inside a bookstore. i just want to curl up in a day bed with a mug of hot choco and read up on my latest love. 

of course, after reading comes the writing part. the great thing about having your own library is you get inspired to write. wish i can create my private place just for this.  my novel and stories will not write itself.

projects on my shelf are:
  • Janus - the post apocalyptic sci-fi novel i have in the works.  planning to turn this into a comic book.
  • Project 21 - 21 images and 21 stories in 21 days
  • Black magic woman - semi biographical work i am ghostwriting for.
  • The dance of Salome  - belly dancing as a psychic power? maybe.
  • University Secrets - a collaborative work with my fellow writer on Philippine stories surrounding the oldest university in Asia. 
  • an Erotica novel - no working title yet. based on one of my earlier works.
looking forward to getting that writer's retreat so i can actually finish something and present it to my publisher!

Monday, July 16, 2012