Friday, October 15, 2010

of desert sands and lost scrolls

  • The Masada Scroll by Paul Block and Robert Vaughan

  • The Lost Symbol by Dan Brown

  • The Sword of the Templars by Paul Christopher

three books based on historical mysteries in one month! i really think that if my fortune was different, i would have been an academic. maybe an archaelogist like the heroes in these fictional works. i've always loved indiana jones when i was a kid and until now i have a deep fascination for history.

so far Lewis Perdue, James Rollins and Dan Brown are still my favorite authors of this genre. their writing styles are different- Dan Brown is more of a suspense/thriller writer although he does weave history quite well in the storyline. the event happens in 1-2 days so it's perfect for today's generation of instant gratification. James Rollins melds science and history perfectly like a grilled cheese sandwich. he goes back and forth between the characters' arc that you'll never be bored expect when the author gets too technical. Lewis Perdue marries history and the human condition in his novels that you can't help but empathize with his heroes. for me, he's the one who gives more emphasis on the historical aspect of the story giving it plausibility.

my next books are Reliquary and The Ice limit by Douglas Preston and Lincoln Child. i've heard great things about these authors from my officemate. i am looking forward to discovering wonderful things from the past and how to save the world from peril.


Lewis Perdue said...

Thanks for the kind commends about my writing! made my day for sure.

katz rivera said...

you're welcome! i'm still looking forward to reading new books from you in the likes of "the da vinci legacy" and "daughter of god."

happy holidays!