Monday, July 31, 2006

the typing monster strikes!

The rainy season is a great weather to start writing stories to. I suppose it's the gloomy atmosphere and the biting cold that nips ever so slightly inside the marrow of your bones that gives me the extra kick to grab my keyboards and start typing away. Nothing solid yet. I'm still typing and making up my story as I go along.

Tomorrow the "Nanowrimo" exercise of my writing group Cre-W will begin. I don't have a story plotline yet but I'm sure I'll think of something. That's 800+ words a day or a total of 25,000 by the end of the month. I sure hope I reach that!

The good thing about this exercise is I can hone my skills enough to join this November's Nanowrimo event, the Speculative Fiction contest in December and apply it on my ongoing novel. Not to mention the deep impact this will have on my vocabulary skills.

As exciting as all this sounds, I do hope I have enough money to sustain my lifestyle, enough strength for eveything and everyone I love and enough time to fit it all into my schedule.


Jigs said...

I havent tried any form of writing exercise! Sounds loads of fun!! :)

jhay said...

I tried many writing exercises before. The 800+ words a day is quite challenging at first, but once your get the hang of it, it's fun!

One cool writing tip that I've always used is to keep a small notebook and pencil or pen in my pocket. Whenever I get struck by an idea, a phrase, a scene, a character, realisation anything, I quickly write it down for future reference.

I too dream of becoming a writer or novelist someday. Good luck to us both!

Added you in my blogroll. :)

naughty girl said...

jigs: yeah it sounds fun. as long as you don't lag behind TOO much!. :)

jhay: hey! thnaks for adding me. will do the same. :)

yeah. I can deal with 800+ words a day. It's the motivation to finish that needs to be pounded in my brain. goodluck to us both! :)