Wednesday, August 09, 2006


Word Count Update
I need to write:

7,200 words - just to fill my quota TODAY for the Cre-W Nanowrimo event
25,000 words - just for the rewrites on my novel
1,500 words - for the short story I have in mind
800 words - for my journal entry

goodluck to me!


jhay said...

That's a pretty tall order. But I'm sure you'll make it through.

What kind or genre of stories are you into?

I write romantic (often with sad endings) stories most of the time. ;)

naughty girl said...

i'm more into sci-fi/fantasy, horror and historical mystery but i'm open to writing in different genres just to be flexible.

wow! romantic stories are hard for me. i suppose because it's dialogue driven and that's one of my weaknesses. hope to read one of your stories sometime. :)