Wednesday, July 19, 2006

I quit

I quit. Sounds unprofessional, right? But my brain wasn't functioning anymore no matter how hard I pushed myself. I wrote poor quality articles and just kept repeating the basic idea over and over. My creative juices were all dried up. So I had to let it go and quit the copywriting gig. Yes, I am learning something new everytime but I was being redundant.

I have a terminal case of niceness in me. When I know a person depends on me or I can see that they really need my help, I just can't say no at the cost of wearing myself thin. And that's what happened. I overestimated my body's capabilities and I ended up with an unfinished contract, lost income and possibly, a broken friendship.

I really have to work on my assertiveness skills. I must be able to say a statement and stick by it. No excuses.

Sheez! Why does it sound better on print?


Jigs said...

Dont quit! Its ok to feel uninspired! Its just fatigue. Just reast up a bit. :)

naughty girl said...

i know.. i've been really stressed out lately with money troubles looming over me. unfortunately, i have resigned from my copywriting gig.

but don't fret. i will still write. my blog, stories, essay and novel will still occupy my time. :)

jae said...

what about us, your future fans?

naughty girl said...

hi jae! don't worry. i will still satisfy my future fans with my stories and novels. :)