Wednesday, June 28, 2006

reading up again..

I'm in the middle of four books right now: Prime Evil, Deathport, Soft and Others, and Do androids dream of electric sheep? If you ask me how I could juggle through all the books without losing track of a story, I have no idea. But my brain has this uncanny ability to retain memory of which part of the story on what book I left off and I have no trouble continuing with the story again. I suppose this is another example of women's multi-tasking talents.

Hollywood is making a film based on the sci-fi novel of P.D. James, "The Children of Men." I read the novel a year ago and I found the story flat, compared to the types of sci-fi anthologies I've been reading, of course.

"The Children of Men (1992) is a dystopian novel by P.D. James set in England in 2021. It is based on a simple yet gruesome and thought-provoking idea: What would happen if, over night, women all over the world stopped becoming pregnant? What would happen if, over the years, that situation turned out to be irrevocable? What influence would universal infertility have on people's minds and attitudes, on their behaviour, on politics? How would public order be maintained? How would society cope with an ever-ageing and dwindling world population? Would there be any hope left? In The Children of Men, James describes a Britain being steadily depopulated, at the same time telling a thrilling tale revolving around a small group of people who cannot, and do not want to, fit in with the disillusioned and apathetic masses." -- taken fron Wikipedia

It feels nice to have read something and see a movie version of it. That's what I want to do If I ever become a scriptwriter. For now, I have to start attending classes if I want to achieve one of my dreams. Wouldn't it be great though if a novel I wrote will become a film? Wow! :)

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