Friday, February 09, 2007

losing books

I lost two books recently. And it pains me to never see those books again. It's like saying goodbye to a dear friend. The first book is the "Sandman: Book of Dreams ", a signed copy from Neil Gaiman himself. I lent it to my friend and she never returned it. Huhuhu!

The second book is one of my Alfred Hitchcock collections. It's actually one of my favorite books. Same thing happened. I lent it to my friend and he left work so I don't think I'll be seeing my book again. I'm shy asking him to return it.

But then again, stories are meant to be shared. So I'm doing my best to let go of these personal treasures. Things happen for a reason and maybe these books have so much more to share to the world.
Wanna see how fast I can read given the flame of interest? In one month, I finished off four anthology books. It was such a thrill reading a book. I feel like I'm having an affair, grabbing any free time I can get to sneak a peak in the pages of my books. It's crazy!

Hahaha! I'm such a nerd!


jhay said...

Look on the bright side, at least someone else is enjoying that book.

But darn! An autographed book by Neil himself?! That's just too much.

naughty girl said...

yeah! i know. huhuhuhu!!!!

Iviyanar said...

yey! I'm not alone! :p "they" think it's crazy to read more than one book a month... i am so glad to disagree.

nice blog, katz.was just surfing and i was amazed to see we have similar interests. keep it up!