Sunday, February 25, 2007

a day in the life

If you recorded the day in a life of a writer you would be disappointed. He makes coffee, he looks out the window, he does everything but write. But despite these everyday failures, something still comes out of it.
-- Imre Kertesz

And I also do lists. For me, it's a thrill being able to cross out each accomplished item off that list.

Why is it that when I am out, the urge of writing suddenly hits me. And I am determined to set down on paper my musings and story ideas. But as soon as I arrive home, the will is gone and I am left feeling abandoned by my muse.

To be honest, I find it annoying not being able to write something wonderful on command. Yeah sure, I am a mediocre writer. As of yet, I do not possess the discipline professional writers brag about. I write when inspiration hits me. And from what I am experiencing, I badly need to place myself in an inspiring environment to be able to finally finish my half-baked stories and unmade novel ideas.

If only Starbucks is open 24/7. Hmm..not a bad business idea.
A writer's cafe! :)

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