Wednesday, March 14, 2007

the old days

See that lone, frail guitarist on the right? Yup, that's me back in second year in college. Hehe! Talk about being a nerd.. I looked like one of the super nerds!

This is the only picture I have of our gigs. Actually, this is our first gig at a friend's birthday party. I can't believe how different I look now, considering the time that has elapsed. Here, I look like a highschool kid and now I look like a college student. I'd like to thank my mom for my genes that makes me look younger than my real age.
As for my writing, I deserve to be whipped 1,000 times for procrastinating. But I have been joining a lot of writing groups online and somehow my interest is piqued once more. I have been writing in my journal but mostly it's emotional writing. I plan to join a writing contest by year end and hopefully win. If not, at least have my name splashed across the web space again.

Must work harder than before. With tons of responsibilities at work, web projects and self-studying to do, it's a wonder I still have time for my king and family.

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