Sunday, December 31, 2006

that's what I want...

Yup. I want one too. Call it vanity or insanity. It's probably both. But I really, really want one.
Going through my reading list, I am proud to say I've read more than 12 books in a span of five months. I know it's still slow for a bookworm but at least I find time to sneak in my books.
It's funny when you think about it. I took a break from writing because I experienced severe mental block. I couldn't write anything creative. Couldn't think straight. I hated the sight of words. I took refuge in a new job and new environment. And for a while I liked the change.

But being a writer seems to be engraved in my destiny. Weeks after quitting the writing world, I received quite a few offers for gigs. More recently I was invited to write for two online magazines. And my publisher also came back from Chicago to check up on the progress of my novel. Now, I'm also associate editor for our office newsletter.

Should I be scared? No, not really. I guess what I should be is grateful and more hardworking especially since a lot of people expect great things from me. And so for my New Year's resolution I vow to read more and write more.

Happy New Year everyone and may all your dreams come true (like mine did!)!!

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Cheska said...

wow! you're so lucky! how i wish i could write for a living. =) happy new year, too! and yeah, i do hope my dreams will come true too.