Friday, June 22, 2007

the future

After taking a left turn in my quest to fulfill my dreams of becoming a successful writer, I have never been so sure of my goal. I will become a famous, successful, admired and well paid writer.

I know it sounds absolutely crazy. But lately I have been forced to confront the future--something that I don't usually do. People close to me have intimated their fondest desires for their futures, leaving me to wonder about my own. But because the future is not so concrete and I can be unpredictable at times, all I am able to do is dig deep into myself to know what are the things important. A list for what matters the most.
  1. Family - my family now and of course my own in the future.
  2. Writing - to be able to write life and fantasy and live it twice through my words.
  3. Travel - expand my horizon and have more adventures.
  4. Studies - to never stop working on all the possibilities.
  5. Wealth - so I can afford the luxury of what I want in life.
I know of some people who would include power. But for me power corrupts so I'd much rather not play with fire knowing full well that I'll get burned.

For now, I have to make sacrifices to reach my dreams, that includes sleep and my other vices.I have to take care of my body and my mind so I can write the greatest story not yet told.

Watch out world!

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