Monday, May 07, 2007


Reading this bit in Time magazine this month raised my eyebrows. Being a Catholic, I am not surprised at the Christ myths. But even this is too extreme for me.

"...It turns out that biblical revelation might have a few holes in it- at least according to the good people of Shingo, a tiny village in far northern Japan that claims to be the actual final resting place of Jesus.

The Shingo legend has it that Jesus spent his 20s not woodworking in Nazareth, but trekking through Japan where - like many gajin teacher after him - he fell in love with the culture and learned Japanese. At age 33, he returned to Judea to preach about the "holy land of Japan" and was soon condemned to crucifixion for this heresy. However, Jesus' twin brother Isukiri somehow took his place on the cross, while Jesus escaped back to the promised land of Japan. He settled in the farming village of Shingo, where he married a local girl, had children and happily tilled the rice fields until his death at 106. You can find his burial place in the village today- just look for the sign that says "Tomb of Christ: next left."

They say the legend only dates back to 1935, when a Japanese priest discovered what was supposedly Christ's will. But the small village have used the legend to its profit making hilt with novelties like the Christ Museum, celebrating June 10 as the annual Christ Festival and of course, the Christ-branded sake at the Jesus Convenience Store.

article: Best place to find Jesus by Bryan Walsh, May 7, 2007, Time Magazine.

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