Tuesday, August 28, 2012

hard to find

there are just some books that won't leave you alone.  there two are a perfect example. i didn't buy them initially because they were quite expensive.  but then when i went back for them, they were not there anymore. the first book took me 2 years to find again and i bought it for less than 100 pesos. the original price was 300+.

the second book was sold for 399 pesos and although its price did not go down, i really regretted not buying it the first time. so when i saw it again, i took the chance and i have not regretted it since. it's a great book on vampires with historical and literary sources.

i already bought around 10 books this month since it is the NBS 70% cut price booksale.  i'm going on a book diet till december. i have so many books to pay attention to. wish me luck!

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