Sunday, February 26, 2012

adventures of the noob

Bowler Nights: The Secrets of E-book Publishing by sponsored by Writer's Block Philippines

in my efforts to further my knowledge in the writing business, i came across a free talk on e-book publishing by my writing group, Writer's Block Philippines held at Bowler Restaurant, Makati. i am an old fashioned book lover and although i have been a patron of e-books for sometime now (the text and pdf file e-books that are available for free or on sellers online), i have no idea how the market is in terms on online consumables as this. is there really a market for it, how profitable is it for authors and what are the pros and cons of considering  e-book publishing for my works rather than print? this talk came at a time when a publisher contacted me from Germany and i was apprehensive on working with them.

the talk by Honey de Peralta, Managing Editor of was very informative especially for someone who is a novice. i was inspired and i was even surprised to meet charles, a sci-fi blogger  (bibliophile stalker) that i've been following online for quite sometime. it also made me consider if i had to buy an ebook reader or just stick to my Asus Eee netbook and just download ebook reader software. so far, it boils down to finances and I don't have much yet. maybe Santa would give a kindle for christmas? *wink,wink*

looking forward to more seminars/workshops from Writer's Block. it gives me great pleasure to meet new friends and learn from the professionals.

been going on a lot of trips lately since my siamese cat, Mio, went missing last february 17. i am still distraught and a bit neurotic up to now since i can't help but be on high alert whenever i am at home. any sound of roof scratching, faint mewling or footsteps on the roof sends me running to the back of the house and start calling out for him.

i've been keeping busy to distract myself from this depressing news. went to binondo, chinatown for the first time and went on a food trip with my friends.i also went to DLSU-dasma to renew my passport with my co-worker and finally, went to the MV Logos Hope for the largest floating book fair with my sister and nephew.

i'd like to think that Mio disappearing has a reason. i just wish he's ok and that whoever found him takes care of him and loves him more that i could. he deserves a full life. i only wish it was i who's cradling him right now.

today i head off to practice on my travel articles, art reviews and outlining  my novel. i will bury myself in books once more and then maybe the Muses will grant me my wish of becoming a successfully recognized, paid and published writer. i do all this with Mio as my inspiration.

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