Sunday, July 31, 2011

it's off to write i go

Hey, no grumbling! No “but I'm special and the exception to the rule” allowed! If you’re not published yet, you’ve still got work to do, my friend. If getting a novel published by a major house was an easy task, nobody would be pining away in offices or waiting tables. They’d all be sitting around in coffee shops, bent over their laptops. Getting published is not for everyone, not everyone will attain that goal, and it really has to be earned.-Mary Kole, literary agent


Although my none of my stories and a few of my essays have seen the daylight, I plod on. It feeds my soul and makes me feel alive to creative something out of nothing. In the realm of fantasy, fiction and personal essays, I RULE. That's according to my number one fan - ME.

Writers write and they tell a story. So to anyone who would care to listen, look me up.

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