Thursday, March 26, 2009

book crazy!

ok. i admit it.
i am a bookaholic.

i bought 13 books this month! 70% from book sales and at discounted prices (from P325 to P30!). i just couldn't stop myself. i thought, "i might never find them again at such low prices." and so i buy them, my precious little babies...

this adds to my long list of book reads. i'm already stretched thin being in between 6 to 7 books (meaning i've started on it and my bookmark is halfway in its pages). what sucks is i've got books way in the back of my bookshelf and i'm unable to see them so sometimes i forget. really wish i could build my personal library already.

no more bookstores or bookshops for me until the next quarter. i'll have to resort to drastic measures. will employ my buddy system. wish me luck!
  1. Murder on the Menu ed. Waugh, Greenberg & Asimov
  2. The Illustrated Man by Ray Bradbury
  3. Burning Chrome by William Gibson
  4. Novel Ideas: Science Fiction ed. by Brian Thomsen
  5. Wicked: Sexy Tales of Legandary Lovers ed. by Mitzi Szereto
  6. Brothers Grimm "The Complete Fairy Tales"
  7. The Bloody Chamber by Angela Carter
  8. Minority Report by Philip K. Dick
  9. The Flip Reader ed. by Jessica Zafra
  10. First Love ed. by Faye Ilogon
  11. A walk on the Darkside: Visions of Horror ed. by John Pelan
  12. Black Order by James Rollins
  13. The Ultimate Frakenstein ed. by Byron Preiss


but i honestly love reading my books!

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