Wednesday, November 28, 2007

on a 2nd date

And he came! Told you I'd be there. The event at Powerbooks, Fort Bonifacio High Street, Global City didn't pack as much crowd as the book signing he did last year at The Powerplant, Rockwell. But still, I have no complaints. As long as I get to see my hero, I am a happy kitty.

He did a book signing at Subic though and from what I know, Powerbooks is selling signed copies of "The Art of Drawing Beowolf" of which he co-wrote. The book is a thousand pesos plus so I still have to save for it. Right now my book priority is leaning on a copy of 2 of my favorite Sandman graphic novels - Seasons of Mist and World's End Inn - and his latest book, Fragile Things.

And for some good news. Neil Gaiman just added a new category for the Fully Booked contest - short film. Wish my friend Ness and the Animator were in the country. They would be perfect for this category. As for me, I'm going to work on my short fiction entry a bit early so that I won't have to cram anymore. Sadly though, he might not be returning for a third time.

He did promise that if the entries for next year's competition are able to knock his socks off then he may just reconsider a third date with pinoy scifi/fantasy fans. Hmm..better have my penciles sharpened extra pointy then.

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