Thursday, May 04, 2006

the white rabbit's dash

"I'm late. I'm late for a very important date." That's what the white rabbit said to Alice. Right now, that's what I'm saying to myself. I have deadlines left and right. Yet here I am taking time to jot down in my blog. I suppose you can say I'm purging myself of toxic thoughts before setting my mind back to writing seriously again.

I heard my editor will be coming to the country mid-May. Oh boy! Have to speed up my research so I can stop trimming and give him a printable draft. It's been months of revision and editing between the two of us. I hope we'll be able to finish the novel once he's here. After this, Chicago I come! :)

I'm obsessing about getting my own laptop. I really, really, REALLY need and want one. I want one so badly that I salivate at the mention of the word. I'm leaning towards the Fujitsu Lifebook or an iMac. It all depends on my budget and the specs of the laptop. My needs are quite modest. Fast, durable, big memory space and efficient. My laptop should be able to take on word processing, multimedia services (photo and video editing and audio conversion), software development (since I do programming) and web dev. Hay!! When will my dream come true?

What gives me the drive and inspiration to write nowadays is the promise of payday. I know it's a sad thought to write for food but let's face it. If you don't do it, then might as well get a 8-5 job in the office or join in the call center bandwagon. Look at it this way: no matter how big the writing assignments are, I still get to write.

Now, please excuse me as I run after the white rabbit...


Sean said...

As a writer who runs an 8-to-5 job (although it's been more of 8-to-7 lately), I know perfectly well what you're talking about. While "writing for food", as you put it, may not have the same positive impression as working for a living and writing on the side, it nevertheless puts you in a far better position to hone your skills.

naughty girl said...

that's true.

one question though. can you appreciate writing the same subject 25 times without repeating yourself?