Monday, March 13, 2006

on writing

Calvin and Hobbes on writing

Pretty interesting perspective on writing, don't you agree? Here's another funny story on writers and those who experience writing blocks.

Once upon a time there was a girl. And she was forced to write a story.
Well no one was forcing her as such. But she felt she had an obligation.
No one forces parents to love their kids.
But they kind of have to.
It’s a bit like that.
She wanted to be a writer, so she had to force herself to write.
That was that.

* * *

"Clair, what are you doing in there? "

Sometimes people took an interest in her writing, and other times they didn’t.

* * *

Clair had been sick recently. So she hadn’t felt like writing. Then she got better. And was too busy to write. The piece of paper attached to the top left corner of her computer screen "Write 1000 words a day" occasionally brought on feelings of intense guilt, but most of the time she tried to ignore it. Tried.

Bits of paper are powerful things.
Very powerful things.
This piece of paper was torturing Clair.
It didn’t help that it was bright yellow.
There was no pretending that it didn’t exist.
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